journey, the ED colina foundation

In September 2023, Nyumbani-USA entered into a new partnership with Journey, The Ed Colina Foundation, that will help provide critical food support to the Kakuma Mission Hospital HIV Program in Turkana, Kenya.

Journey, The Ed Colina Foundation

An American elementary school teacher, Ed Colina left the education field in 2007 to travel to Kenya and volunteer at the Nyumbani Village.  During those early days of the Village, Ed was inspired by his experiences and the legacy of Fr. D'Agostino to do more to address the many needs in Kenya.

After leaving Kitui, he began The Ed Colina Foundation with Albanus Mwololo, a former social worker at the Nyumbani Village.  Since inception, the Foundation has raised funds to construct early childhood development classrooms, working mainly with Masai in and around the Athi River and in Kibera, Nairobi.  The focus is now on the following project areas: the Little Sky school in Kibera; the Otunga Center for Children with Disabilities; and the construction of schools and classrooms/churches in 11 remote outstations, financing boreholes, and providing food relief in Turkana in conjunction with the Diocese of Lodwar and the Kakuma Mission Hospital.

Kakuma Mission Hospital HIV Program

The Kakuma Mission Hospital Comprehensive Care Program distributes anti-retroviral medications to HIV+ children and adults in the region.  The efficacy of these medications is dependent on proper nutrition, which is often difficult, if not impossible, in drought- and poverty-stricken communities.  Nyumbani-USA is excited to be able to provide the critical funding that will allow the Ed Colina Foundation and the Kakuma Mission Hospital staff to procure and distribute food that is rich in nutrients and vitamins, such as beans, rice, lentils, green grams, and maize, as well as cooking oil, to more than 650 HIV+ children and adults.